Port Security: Anti-Terrorism Funding Will Never Be Substantial Enough

$256 million in state and federal funds received in 5 years, but still underfunded

"This community, this state is much safer than it was five years ago at this time," he said.

Amos Rojas, co-chair with Jenne and the special agent in charge of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement office in Miami, agreed -- although he also noted that there is always more to do.

"If it is up to us, we want to be 100 percent assured that nothing will ever happen here, but that's just not possible," Rojas said. "I don't think all the money in the world could do that."

Jonathan I. Solomon, special agent in charge of the FBI division in Miami, worked closely with Director Robert Mueller to transform the agency's culture after the Sept. 11 attacks exposed flaws in its sharing of valuable information about al Qaeda suspects.

Now he's working to help ensure the security of South Florida. In his mind, law enforcement is far more vigilant today than it was five years ago at all levels -- with an emphasis on prevention.

"We're absolutely safer in my mind because of all the changes that have occurred post-9/11," Solomon told The Miami Herald. "But that doesn't mean we can become complacent. There's still a threat out there. Certainly, if al Qaeda could attack and harm us, they would."