Image Vault launches new software, DVR

Image Vault, a member company of the FireKing Security Group, has announced the release of the latest upgrade to its Image Vault product suite with Image Vault Software Version 9.3.0. The latest upgrade offers to the market a hybrid DVR system that enables deployment of both analog and IP network cameras, with a capacity of up to 32 cameras on each unit. Image Vault 9.3.0 also has expanded the product's storage capacity to up to 3Terabytes. Furthermore, Image Vault's Pro Command DVR is now available in a 480 frames per second format for applications requiring high speed recording.

The company also announced the availability of the Image Vault Enterprise Video Analysis (EVA) Customizable Software Application, and Image Vault Embedded DVR for basic, low cost CCTV needs.

"As Image Vault's market share continues to grow, we are consistently adding enhancements and features based on specific feedback from our user base," said David Goffinet, Image Vault's Senior Vice-President & COO. "With our deep experience in retail and QSR environments, we recognize how important it is to add the features and applications they are looking for with an upgrade, and with the EM product Image Vault will expand into additional retail segments where POS integration capability is less of a factor."

Image Vault version 9.3.0 software includes:

• Added "hybrid" capability so traditional analog cameras and new IP cameras can be used simultaneously on the same DVR.

• Added "Group Connect" to Playback Software to allow for connecting to an unlimited number of DVRs simultaneously via network with Image Vault Pro Command Playback Software. No extra hardware required.

• Introducing a 480 FPS, high speed recording, hybrid DVR for applications which require higher frame rates than the standard 120 FPS unit offers.

• Added USB download support, to download video to USB "thumb" drives and larger, high-capacity external USB hard drives.

• SMS Alarm output. In addition to email alerts, 9.3 Software can send real-time alerts via cell phone text messaging.

• Standard built-in DVD-R / CD-R Combo drive on all Pro Command DVRs.

• Added option to choose single or multiple selected events in the "External Audit Filter". Example: View "No Sales" and "Voids" from Register 1 on 5/12/08.

• "Quick View Buttons" Panel which allows operators to create a one-touch "favorite search" button. Examples: "Open all Register cameras" or "Display all Refunds" with the touch of one button.

• Added support for the IV Quad Plus Serial Multiplexer Device for receiving POS data from up to 16 serial POS devices.

Image Vault EVA includes:

• Server based software to manage ALL Image Vault DVRs on network.

• Complete automation of the process of extracting and analyzing data collected by DVR - all the way up to an enterprise level.

• Increased granularity and flexibility of reports - either system-wide or broken down to the store level.

• Automatic monitoring of health of, all recorders on network.

• Automatic chain-wide software updates and settings changes.

• Greater decision-making power and flexibility to user when managing larger networks of DVRs spread out across numerous locations.

Image Vault EM includes:

• Low cost DVR for applications needing only video recording with no POS interface.

• Broad spectrum of applications beyond retail, use in any application where video surveillance is needed.

• No second computer needed - DVR entirely self-contained.

• imple to use controls to retrieve recorded video.

• Plug-and-Play capabilities

• 80GB - 1.5TB Hard Drives available

• 1 year warranty

Image Vault version 9.3.0 was released May 1, 2008

To learn how Image Vault EM fits into the DVR network, contact Brandon Ring, National Sales Manager, Image Vault at or 800-457-2424 ext 3535.

To add Image Vault EVA to an existing Image Vault, customers should have Image Vault Version 9.2.0 or higher Record Software and broadband connectivity. Image Vault EVA can be installed with a CD or remotely by Image Vault tech support or your authorized Image Vault Dealer.

For more information please visit or call 1.888.462.4382.