AMAG and Vidient Integrate to Provide Video Analytic Solution

Torrance, CA, September 21, 2007 – AMAG Technology and Vidient Systems are working together to develop an intelligent video solution by integrating Vidient's Smartcatch Intelligent Video Router 2400 into AMAG's Symmetry Video Management system. The integration allows AMAG to incorporate advanced video content analysis as part of a totally integrated solution. The IVR 2400 is able to function at the network edge, analyzing and encoding high quality video. The integration works with both analog and IP cameras so users can choose the camera technology that best meets their needs.

The integration will provide security guards and other system operators with the powerful capability to easily determine if something is a person, vehicle or object and receive alarms on unusual events. Live video highlights identify moving objects and motion trails, making it easy for guards to assess situations quickly. Guards can view live and recorded video data simultaneously.

The Vidient IVR 2400 incorporates a revolutionary new Storm-1TM processor from Stream Processors Inc. that results in a performance capability which is ten times that of traditional solutions. As a result the IVR 2400 is ideally suited for demanding video compression, video analytics and image processing applications.

"The AMAG and Vidient integration adds an essential layer of security for an organization that wants to take video from a forensic tool to a proactive tool," said AMAG Technology, President, Bob Sawyer. "Vidient's technology allows Symmetry Video to provide video analytics for customers who want that advanced technology."

"By integrating our edge product with AMAG's industry-leading Symmetry solutions, we are taking a major step towards our vision of a fully-integrated, highly scalable intelligent video analytics network," said Brooks McChesney, Founder and Chief Client Development Executive of Vidient. "AMAG is an important global partner in our quest to bring networked video analytics to places that it has never been before."