Dallmeier aids emergency training for European taxi drivers

Company’s solutions help analyze drivers’ responses in emergency simualator

Since a car does not necessarily provide the most ideal operating environment for a recorder in terms of vibrations and dust, the Dallmeier technicians decided to use the DIS-2/M model. The DIS-2/M StreamerPro HDD Small is a portable stand-alone recorder, whose compact and robust design makes it an ideal recording solution for temporary and mobile applications.

Dallmeier's involvement in the emergency simulator project originated from a meeting between Dallmeier Sales Manager Christian Linthaler and Philip Cachée at the BMW International Open 2007. Both parties soon agreed on the general conditions of a cooperation as well as the specific requirements and it took only three months to move from the initial planning to the actual realisation of the project. Everybody involved commented positively, particularly stressing the smooth cooperation with Dallmeier in all stages of the implementation.

Meanwhile, a number of reputable TV stations have shown interest in this extraordinarily innovative project. Various reports on the taxi emergency simulators have already been broadcast, such as during the popular series 'Auto Motor und Sport TV' on the German VOX as well as in a segment of a car magazine shown on the news channel N24.

The emergency training has already been shown in Cologne and Bad Tölz; training dates across the country can be requested from the professional association of commercial car owners. Dallmeier is pleased to have been able to contribute to the realisation and further expansion of this useful training opportunity.