ObjectVideo Unveils Video Analytics Technology for Event Counting

Event counting suite transforms video into business intelligence

One example is the Chumash Casino Resort, which is leveraging the technology and its consistent 98 percent accuracy to eliminate the expense of manual crowd counting and avoid costly overstaffing mistakes. In addition, Event Counting Suite's ability to analyze when people are entering and exiting the property and the casino floor is helping the casino to maximize the effectiveness of its events and marketing programs.

Another example is a Verizon facility in New York that has improved its relations with a local community concerned over traffic by using Event Counting Suite to automatically identify and count all vehicles entering the site on a weekly basis, eliminating the need for manpower performing inaccurate sample counting.

Event Counting Suite is included in the latest version of ObjectVideo OnBoard, the market-leading video analytics software that is being embedded into numerous ObjectVideo OEM partner devices or integrated as a server-based application within partner video management solutions. More information can be found at www.objectvideo.com.