OnSSI Introduces New Version of NetSwitcher IP-Based Video Matrix Switch

Las Vegas, NV (September 24, 2007) – On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI), the professional security industry’s leading developer of non-proprietary, open architecture intelligent IP-based video surveillance software solutions, is introducing a new version of NetSwitcher, their IP-based virtual video matrix switch, here at ASIS 2007. NetSwitcher 1.5 will offer improved integration with video content analytics systems, distributed event handling, enhanced presentation of video and a more convenient navigation interface.

“NetSwitcher 1.5 is the ultimate IP video surveillance display platform,” said Gadi Piran, President and CTO of OnSSI. "Its advanced features and ease of integration reflects OnSSI’s unique approach to networked video surveillance, which springs from our expertise in data transfer over IP. Our approach is to enable the most advanced monitoring and control of networked video surveillance through logical automation technology."

Since its introduction, NetSwitcher has set the standard for virtual matrix switching for video surveillance, making the control room an efficient and effective environment. NetSwitcher’s user-friendly interface requires minimal training and allows fast and effective operator control of cameras. There is no need for the operator to remember special key functions, cameras codes, or camera location.

NetSwitcher's 100% end-to-end IP platform provides an unlimited number of inputs, outputs and control panels. Designed especially for touch-screen operation, it allows camera streams to be pushed to any video wall monitor or remote display within the network, creating custom camera groups on-the-fly. One-touch camera selection from active maps provides access to specific floor plans complete with camera locations and viewing angles, with optional GPS integration for viewing while on the move.

Through integration with video content analytics, access control and other physical security systems, OnSSI's NetSwitcher 1.5 manages and logs all events corresponding to conditional rules for both motion and non-motion behaviors, enabling critical video to be pushed to screens for immediate action and response. The event handling feature enables distributed notification, reviewing, commentary and confirmation/acknowledgement of events with an advanced and convenient user interface. Once detected, alerts can be investigated from within NetSwitcher, assisted by digital PTZ into recorded images.