MDI Announces 'One Unified Technology' System

Company debuts open architecture command and control operating system

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - April 4, 2006 - MDI, Inc. today announced that MDI Security Systems will formally launch its ONE UNIFIED TECHNOLOGY platform at the ISC West Security Product Show in Las Vegas, NV on April 5th. ONE is the only open architecture command and control operating system available on the market today.

A Revolutionary Open Architecture Security Operating System -

The ONE platform is the framework that unifies security point products, systems and subsystems into a common management platform. Far beyond the capabilities of the integrated security management software promoted by industry competitors, the ONE platform delivers an open architecture environment that adapts each individual application and device into its structure - promoting global collaboration as a single system.

Revolutionary Adaptive Intelligence -

As the only open architecture command and control operating system for the security industry, ONE standardizes the functionality and user interface of applications and devices that are hosted on its platform. In a virtual "plug-and-play" adaptive environment, ONE learns over time and grows more intelligent as additional capabilities are added to it.

Automatically Scaleable -

When challenged by complex high-security integration environments, traditional second generation integrated security systems become overwhelmed and impossible to manage. According to leading security industry analysts, the second generation integration systems available on the market today have failed to provide the framework needed for true unification. The ONE platform automatically adapts to the entire enterprise security infrastructure under its control and delivers the ability to seamlessly add modules and scale to larger or smaller systems as required.

Besides its ability to unify systems, ONE delivers unprecedented situational awareness, visualization, storage and redundancy - while empowering security teams to prioritize and manage critical events in real-time.

The Development of ONE -

For over two decades, MDI has developed customized security management solutions for many of the nation's highest security organizations and largest commercial enterprises. MDI created the ONE platform by recognizing the advantages of a unified operating system and by incorporating the technical advances learned from some of the highest security organizations in the world. The ONE platform allows organizations to develop software code that meets their needs by using the ONE development SDK, using a concept similar to the Linux platform. The ONE platform allows MDI to customize applications faster and more efficiently than any other security company.

Auto Adaptive Driver Technology -

New Auto Adaptive(tm) driver technology allows MDI to unify any required technology into the ONE platform seamlessly and with less effort than any of its competitors. This Auto Adaptive driver technology is used to synthesize data and communicate with classified government systems and other legacy systems that cannot otherwise be handled without costly customization and integration.

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