Panama bank implements US Biometrics’ systems

Credicorp Bank in Panama City, Panama is the first institution within Panama to implement a wide spectrum of US Biometrics’ multi-factor authentication products.

Credicorp Bank has deployed the US Biometrics' control system, including hardware and software, with the goal of increasing security and protecting the identity of their customers. Not only is it making the customer’s experience with Credicorp a pleasurable one since transactions have become faster and more convenient, but it has also increased identity security and reduced fraudulent activity.

"US Biometrics has been a very good partner in our deployment of biometrics," states Max Harari, general manager. "Within three days, a complete integration of biometrics with our existing systems was completed, our staff was trained, and the system was in operation. The installation and configuration was completed in literally days for both the physical access control and customer transaction software."