New software available from Continental Access

Our new CardAccess 3000 v.2.6 is now available to the general public. Installation improvements and update features are built-in including an enhanced dynamic map, cross time zone support, web client feature and higher security archiving options. Our new Dynamic Map provides users with additional interactivity and integration with all CardAccess 3000 supported peripherals and DVRs. Map view allows users to see the status of doors, system relays, readers and inputs while right-click functions manually control doors and relay devices. What’s more, you can view live video or replay-recorded video from any camera on the map and display high priority alerts and the associated video in a window beside the map. Modify the placement of devices within the map with a click of the mouse.

Improved comprehensive Cross Time Zone Support is also new to CardAccess 3000 v.2.6. View or report any events in your local time region, even if your server is centrally administrated half way around the world. A simple click on the GUI lets you choose how to see the events. Other enhanced features include a more user-friendly archiving service. This service eliminates the need for the host CardAccess3000GUI to be active for archiving, for a more secure environment.

Finally, CardAccess 3000 v.2.6 features a powerful built-in Web Client feature. This essential tool provides users remote access from their Windows Internet Explorer browser. Functions available through Web Client include personnel administration for adding, deleting, or modifying card records. Security professionals can manually control all CardAccess 3000 v.2.6 devices. Remote locking or unlocking of doors and relay activation for devices for facility control are no match for Web Client. Other features enable users full hardware configuration of CardAccess 3000 v.2.6 panels, readers, relays and inputs to aid in remote setup and system support. Facility managers with access to our new Web Client gain access to Event, Time & Attendance, Badge and In-List reports.

To learn more about our CardAccess 3000 v.2.6 powerful all-in-one access control solution, visit or call 1-800-645-9330.