Diebold designs integrated security system for Peugeot

Diebold, the global leader in integrated security solutions, recently facilitated the roll-out of automaker Peugeot SA's corporate security solution to integrate the security systems of the newly constructed headquarters and Technical Training Center of Peugeot Citroen Automobiles UK Ltd, Peugeot's UK subsidiary in Coventry, England, with multiple sites across France. Peugeot Citroen Automobiles UK Ltd's goal was to migrate its entire network of operations from stand-alone security systems to a 24/7 security solution that could be monitored from the headquarters' control room and other strategic locations within the new facility.

Diebold was recommended to Peugeot by GE as a preferred business partner to custom design a security system that could integrate with Peugeot's corporate security solution. The system also had to be compatible with GE technology, which comprised some of the core systems used in Peugeot's corporate security infrastructure, such as access control and video recording. The original Coventry facility was equipped with only limited security technology including access control, intruder alarms and CCTV, but the new facility required more stringent security measures. With crime rates on the rise, protecting employees, property and other assets was paramount. Additionally, with increasingly tough competition between automakers, it was essential for Peugeot to secure automobile design information, including new product details, and to prevent new models from being viewed pre-launch.

The new facility also posed greater logistical challenges than the old structure. Peugeot's new headquarters and Technical Training Center were constructed on opposite sides of a public roadway and connected via a tunnel. The campus featured large parking areas for both buildings as well as delivery zones for parts delivery 24/7 to a storage warehouse. The security system had to accommodate employee foot traffic around the site as well as provide a remote security solution for after-hours parts deliveries. It was also required to tie easily into Peugeot's existing sites in France.

To comply with Peugeot's corporate standards, Diebold designed a versatile security system that provided seamless integration into the company's regional server-system, managed and maintained by Peugeot's French partner Thales. Diebold designed the system to provide the appropriate functionality to meet the client's approved standards and could be validated to run on Peugeot's corporate network, while supporting a consistent software platform. The system included such technologies as access control, building intruder detection, CCTV, gates and barriers, blockers and turnstiles, a two-way intercom system and perimeter fence detection. Diebold also provided fabrication, installation, commission, training, project management and on-going system maintenance.

"Peugeot has long endeavored to forge technologically innovative partnerships with end-to-end providers such as Diebold," said David Metcalfe, Manager Facilities and Safety, Peugeot Automobiles UK Ltd. "GE recommended Diebold to design a security system compatible with our existing solution because of Diebold's proven track record in the delivery and support of custom-designed systems."

Peugeot, and parent company PSA Peugeot Citroen, is one of Coventry's largest employers, employing over 2,000 people at two locations. Peugeot is committed to the region and to securing its employees and assets, which provide vital contributions to the area's economy. Moreover, the security of its facilities in France was essential to meeting the company's aggressive goal to become the most competitive car manufacturer in Europe by 2015.

"Our goal is to build customized solutions for our customers that meet their unique business objectives and ultimately enhance security for both assets and people," said Dennis M. Moriarty, senior vice president, Global Security Division, Diebold. "This partnership enabled our technicians to provide the physical, logical and electronic security expertise to ensure Peugeot had unabridged access to the many options available for securing its assets and protecting its investments across all its sites."