Sielox Features Core And More At 2007 ASIS

Las Vegas, NV (September 24, 2007) – With the announcement of a new product, a new engineering and development process, partnership solutions and a continuing focus on delivering a core suite of industry-leading access control products, Sielox is demonstrating their ongoing commitment to provide innovative and dependable solutions that their customers have come to rely on.

The introduction of Sielox’s X-LAN Ethernet-to-RS-485 Converter brings a new compact and innovative tool to simplify network installations, bridging the gap between the industry standard Ethernet and RS-485 networks.

“We are dedicated to offering our customers networking solutions that will allow them to utilize existing infrastructure,” said Sielox President and General Manager Karen Evans. “By providing tools that are efficient and cost effective, we can help end-users stay current and continue to provide all the protection available through access control.”

Another innovation implemented by Sielox to streamline and improve software development is Agile Methodology, a development process that has ongoing delivery of constantly improving software offerings as its objective. Using a set of principles, practices and processes that allow developers to improve quality while responding promptly to changing market needs, Agile is a conceptual framework for software engineering which promotes development iterations throughout the life-cycle of the project.

Sielox is also announcing at ASIS 2007 the availability of EasyLobby's SVM (Secure Visitor Management) software as an add-on software module for Sielox’s Pinnacle. EasyLobby's suite of products provides complete, fast, and secure visitor registration, web-based pre-registration, management, reporting and badge printing.

“This new collaboration will provide our customers with unprecedented control over management of visitor and contractor card access,” said Evans. “It allows us to offer a true, fully integrated access control and visitor management solution.”

Pinnacle 6.1 is the first release since we adopted the Agile Methodology for software development. The result is better quality software delivered to our customers. This release includes new features such as support for X-LAN, Card Holder Quick Entry Tab, First Person Rule (Snow Day), Card ID Decimal Entry, User Actions from the Event Grid, Device Find in the device tree and TCP / UDP, a network configuration and diagnostic tool. Pinnacle integrates with Aegis2, Sielox’s cutting edge graphical command and control integration software. Drag and drop cameras, intercoms, doors, readers, inputs and outputs to a map and control them with a mouse click. Events can pop-up video on the screen and start DVR recording. For more information on Sielox access control solutions, visit