Panasonic Announces New Staff Appointments

Secaucus, NJ (January 2007) - Panasonic System Solutions Company of America (PSSA) has recently announced two appointments: Steve Surfaro to the position of Group Manager, Strategic Technical Liaison, for their Panasonic Security Systems division, and Samantha Ozarin to the position of Marketing Manager for Panasonic Systems Company.

Designed to help the company further expand the scope of its sales and developmental activities in the US, Mr. Surfaro's appointment is effective immediately according to PSSA President, Frank DeFina, to whom Mr. Surfaro reports.

"Panasonic recognizes the need to support and enhance our client, reseller and developmental networks with the necessary tools and services to assure our continued success in the security market," said Mr. DeFina. "Steve's position was created as a result of strategic business objectives, including our focus on continued education and especially our core 'Open Infrastructure' initiative."

Aimed at establishing a higher level of cooperation between the leading manufacturer of video surveillance systems equipment and complementary specialized manufacturers and systems integrators, Panasonic Security Systems' open infrastructure initiative has helped to embrace a new corporate philosophy across the professional electronics industry. As Group Manager, Strategic Technical Liaison, Mr. Surfaro will act as an ambassador to the industry at topically relevant forums, as both a speaker and moderator. He will work to foster relationships both in and out of the security industry, working in conjunction with Panasonic's new Panasonic Solution Developer Network (PSDN). The program is intended to generate mutually beneficial relationships between Panasonic and leading manufacturers, software makers and solution providers. PSDN encourages the development of interoperable solutions for end users through easy access to development tools and technical information.

"Steve will also be responsible for market intelligence, as well as interacting with the factories for the continued development of market driven products. His extensive experience in systems sales and established contacts are a tremendous asset to this newly formed position," concluded Mr. DeFina.

In her new position, Ms. Ozarin will have responsibilities in both the Panasonic Security Systems division of PSSA, an industry leader in analog and network video surveillance, and the Panasonic Systems Company, which focuses on integrating Panasonic and third-party products in specialized professional applications.

"Samantha has been with us for a year and a half as an independent contractor, and we are very pleased to continue to commit resources to Marketing and welcome her now as a Panasonic employee," said Julianna Benedick, Group Manager of Marketing for PSSA, to whom Ms. Ozarin reports.

"We are already familiar with Samantha's extensive qualifications and abilities and look forward to a long professional association."

Primary responsibilities within Panasonic Security Systems for Ms. Ozarin will include development and management of P-Tech, Panasonic Security System's training university. P-Tech provides training on various levels of systems integration and product implementation, including an introduction to video surveillance and detailed overviews on Panasonic systems products. In addition to classroom-based training across the country, P-Tech also offers web-based product training and monthly webcasts on security industry trends and hot topics, many of which are CEU accredited. For Panasonic Systems Company, Ms. Ozarin will be managing all marketing activities for the Digital Sports, retailTV Digital Signage, and Large Screen LED divisions.

Samantha Ozarin graduated from George Washington University with a B.A. in Communication and received her MBA in Marketing from Michigan State University.