Vidiation Develops New Dirty Bomb Detection System Using Cameras

Vidiation LLC (ASIS Show, Booth #491) has announced the launch of Vidiation –– Radiation Analytics Detection System (V-RADS), a revolutionary, proven gamma radiation detection technology that identifies radioactive materials by analyzing streams of surveillance video, at ASIS International 2007. V-RADS is an important new line of defense against the unlawful possession or transport of source materials and, ultimately “dirty bomb” attacks. The more pervasive the V-RADS deployment becomes, the higher the degree of security society achieves against this threat.

V-RADS uses information generated when high-energy gamma rays and particles interact with the image sensors of video surveillance cameras; its proprietary algorithms and expert system analyze data and identify radiation that may pose a security threat. V-RADS combines passive surveillance and active alerts in its subscription-based software, and is built to avoid the common pitfalls of “false positive” alerts. V-RADS is easily integrated with the full complement of video surveillance systems, from stand-alone to enterprise-level solutions, and is designed to “layer” into existing video-based surveillance systems with no modifications to customers' video cameras.

Vidiation LLC, is based in Lake Zurich, Ill. For information, visit