American Technology LRAD-R Offers Complete Perimeter Security

San Diego, CA - September 11, 2007 - American Technology Corporation (ATC), a leading innovator and producer of directed sound products and solutions, today announced the availability of its LRAD-R, a highly directional hailing, warning and deterrent system, to the public and private security markets. LRAD-R was developed for military force protection and features ATC's groundbreaking long-range directional sound technology.

LRAD-R uses its directionality and focused acoustic output to clearly transmit critical information, instructions and warnings well beyond 500 meters. Through the use of powerful voice commands and deterrent tones, large safety zones can be created while determining the intent and influencing the behavior of an intruder.

LRAD-R can be operated remotely across an IP network enabling system operators to respond to potential threats from a safe environment while creating a complete unmanned perimeter security solution. LRAD-R accepts intruder position information from other IP-enabled sensor systems to automatically find and track potential threats. LRAD-R's large safety zone gives security personnel additional time and valuable information if an elevated intruder response becomes necessary.

LRAD-R features an emitter head, integrated camera, high-intensity searchlight (optional) and full pan and tilt capability for precise aiming and tracking. Audio output from ATC's LRAD-R is highly directional so nearby personnel and system operators are not exposed to excessive audio levels, while still providing exceptional voice intelligibility and tonal clarity over long distances.

"LRAD-R security operators can now turn a passive surveillance network into an active defense system that can locate, track, communicate with, and deter an intruder," said Tom Brown, ATC's president and chief executive officer. "Our system is ideal for port and border security, enforcement of exclusion zones around oil and gas platforms and pipelines, perimeter security for petrochemical and nuclear plants, and many other areas which require critical infrastructure protection."

L-3 Communications Klein Associates, Inc. recently purchased LRAD-R units for integration into their HarborGuard System, which is used for protection of waterborne vessels, waterfront facilities and oil infrastructures.

The LDAR-R's easy-to-use software control interface allows system operators to:

- Quickly adjust volume settings
- Play pre-recorded warning messages or aversion tones
- Easily adjust pan/tilt camera and zoom to monitor and acquire targets for communication
- Program movement commands for automated video scanning

LRAD-R's camera employs a 26x optical zoom lens combined with a digital zoom function that allows operators to zoom to 312x. The unit's integrated searchlight provides 7.5 million candlepower in a watertight enclosure. Optional sensor inputs include a thermal imager, radar, swimmer detection, and ground sensor that enables operators to create custom security solutions.

Because of its automated capabilities, LRAD-R reduces manpower and false alarms while providing a more effective and cost-efficient security solution.

"LRAD-R has been specifically designed for use in a variety of security environments where low maintenance, trouble-free operation is a must," Brown concluded. "LRAD-R is a necessary and significant security upgrade for valuable and critical infrastructure and perimeters."

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