SWAT Creates Two Divisions in Response to Market Demand

SWAT integrates newly acquired companies and aligns business units with security and personal protection market segments

WESTMINSTER, Colo., March 1 -- Security With Advanced Technology, Inc., a leading provider of security products and services, today announced that it has established two strategic business divisions to integrate newly acquired companies and more closely align its products, services and talent with the markets it serves.

SWAT formed two divisions, the Technology Division and Division X, to manage its four business units. The Technology Division houses ShiftWatch(R) and Vizer, which provide facility and transportation security systems with features such as access control and digital video surveillance. The Technology Division caters to commercial and municipal clients. Division X is made up of Avurt and Veritas Tactical, which offer cutting-edge personal protection products and training programs. Division X markets to consumer, law enforcement and military segments.

"By creating the two divisions, we're making the company more responsive in the markets we serve, which will allow us to bring technologies and products to market more quickly," said Scott Sutton, president of SWAT. "This structure also allows our talented staff to be dedicated to their specific areas of expertise."

Overseeing both divisions is Sutton, who was selected by the board to serve as the president of SWAT. Dedicated directors were appointed to head up each division. Ben Cook was appointed as the director and chief instructor of Division X and will lead the unit's training innovations, product development and instructor team. Corey Holland was appointed as the director of the Technology Division and will be responsible for all operational and product development activities within the Technology Division. Greg Milan, vice president of sales, coordinates the sales efforts for all four business units.

SWAT's new strategic alignment comes after completing its acquisition of Vizer and Avurt in January of 2007, which broadened the company's reach into the security market, increased its product portfolio and established incremental revenue opportunities. The acquisition marks a milestone in SWAT's continuing mission to build a full portfolio of safety and security solutions for individuals, law enforcement, military, facilities and transportation.

SWAT's Avurt division is planning to launch a new line of non-lethal personal protection products in mid 2007, entering the $15-billion-a-year non-lethal personal protection market. According to Sutton, it made strategic sense to establish Avurt within Division X because Avurt's non-lethal personal protection devices are SWAT's first offering for the consumer marketplace. Division X is fortified with consumer-centric marketing, branding and sales resources to ensure the most successful consumer product launch possible.

Following the company re-alignment, the Veritas Tactical business is ramping up to introduce a product line of training aids and tools that compliment its tactical training methodologies. The global private security products and systems market is expected to grow to $90 billion by 2010 according to an August 2006 report from Freedonia Group, Inc. SWAT's Technology Division is planning to address this growing demand. Vizer is rapidly rolling out its proprietary e-Link security monitoring solution that provides commercial clients remote, online control over facility access, alarms and video systems. ShiftWatch's TVS 300 digital surveillance product, unveiled in late 2006, is being retooled to improve hardware performance and reliability. This improvement will address the transportation industry's demand for high-quality digital surveillance video with streaming capabilities and GPS synchronization.

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