Jeron Pro-Alert 480 Rescue Assistance Intercom System

CHICAGO, Illinois – Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. announces the release of the new Pro-Alert 480 Multiplexed Intercom System, which is designed specifically to meet the Area of Rescue Assistance communication requirements as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition, installation costs are minimized with Pro-Alert 480 because of reduced wiring for call stations.

During an emergency, Pro-Alert 480 is used to call for assistance from an Area of Rescue in high-rise buildings and commercial facilities. The Pro-Alert 480 operates over a common Cat-5 bus cable using addressable call stations to conduct hands-free, two-way communication with the master station.

Multiple master stations are also supported as a standard feature. This easy-to-install intercom system is expandable to accommodate large high-rise buildings that have a requirement for an Area of Rescue Assistance communication system.

Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. is an authority in developing and manufacturing audio-visual and tone-visual nurse call systems, ADA-compliant intercom systems and detention-grade emergency call systems. We have earned a solid reputation for innovative engineering, quality manufacturing, and service-oriented sales support. Jeron serves the healthcare, commercial, industrial, institutional, educational and government marketplace with over 40 years of experience.

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