Canon Releases New PTZ Security Camera, Network Video Software

VB-C300 PTZ surveillance camera delivers wide angle of view, built-in network server

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. — Canon expands its acclaimed line of Network Video Solutions products with the addition of the VB-C300 Wide-Angle Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) network camera, addressing the confined quarters and wiring limitations often faced by small businesses. Offering the widest angle of view of any PTZ camera on the market, the new feature-packed VB-C300 PTZ Camera, along with the introduction of Version 1.3 of Canon's versatile VK-64 / VK-16 Network Video Recording Software, are the company's latest innovations for security and video-monitoring professionals needing to capture high-quality video and deliver it via a LAN or the Internet.

Offering a wide 70 degree horizontal angle of view, the VB-C300 PTZ Camera pans bi-directionally at +/- 170 degree to deliver a total viewing angle that exceeds 360 degree. This feature makes the VB-C300 PTZ Camera well-suited to tight, indoor spaces. The camera comes equipped with a high-sensitivity progressive-scan 310,000-effective pixel CCD that helps deliver crisp, well-defined images of even rapidly moving objects, as well as powerful low-light (1 Lux at 1/30 shutter speed) performance. In addition, an Automatic Day and Night Mode switches from color video to light-sensitive black & white video, depending on available illumination. Incorporating a Genuine Canon 2.4x Optical Zoom Lens with 4x Digital Zoom, the VB-C300 PTZ Camera has an Auto Focus system designed to keep the majority of the camera's image plane in sharp detail. The advanced lens design reduces the "fish-eye" distortion typical of extreme wide-angle lenses.

"The addition of the VB-C300 PTZ Camera and introduction of VK-64 / VK-16 Version 1.3 Network Video Recording Software further expands the versatility of Canon's Network Video Solutions products and provides installers with more options to meet the needs of clients," commented Yuichi Ishizuka, senior vice president and general manager of the Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. "Canon Network Video Solutions PTZ and fixed cameras are famous for their superior zoom ratios. With the addition of the VB-C300 PTZ Camera, and the new version of the network video recording software, video security and monitoring professionals now have unprecedented video-capture and monitoring capabilities as well."

The integration of Canon's next-generation video codecs in the VB-C300 PTZ Camera provides many additional advantages, including high-performance data transmission that maintains a high video frame rate even during simultaneous access by multiple viewers. The VB-C300 PTZ Camera's built-in network server allows for viewing for up to 15 clients at the same time.

Full duplex, two-way audio support allows the VB-C300 PTZ Camera to both send and receive audio simultaneously, which enables security professionals monitoring its video to hear and speak to people appearing on-camera, while using a microphone. Security professionals can speak into a microphone connected to their monitoring PC and be heard at the camera's location through a powered speaker connected to the VB-C300 PTZ Camera. VB-C300 PTZ Camera also offers 20 pre-set pan, tilt, and zoom positions to further facilitate monitoring.

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