Canon Launches New Network Cameras with Two-Way Audio

Cameras feature Built-in servers, 26X zooms, POE option, PTZ

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. - Expanded audio features, built-in servers and powerful zoom lenses are the highlights of Canon's newly expanded line of Network camera products, making them great solutions for webcasting, distance learning and teleconferencing needs and security monitoring. Both the new Canon VB-C50FSi Fixed Network Camera and the new Canon VB-C50i/VB-C50iR Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network Camera feature an advanced 26X Optical Zoom Lens and a 12X Digital Zoom to enable users to capture fine detail from far distances and crisp 640-by-480-pixel resolution video with up to 30 frames-per-second quality.

The Two-Way Audio features provided on both new models and the Power Over Ethernet advantages of the VB-C50FSi Fixed Network Camera provide new levels of performance and versatility for professionals requiring compact remote-monitoring solutions that meet a broad range of user needs.

"Whatever the needs of the Video-Over-IP-Camera-user may be, Canon has the features and performance they're looking for," said Yukiaki Hashimoto, senior vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon Inc. "Whether it's a Fixed Camera or a Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera, Canon's line of Network Video Solutions products now includes models with versatile Two-Way Audio features designed to meet the critical needs of an ever-wider range of applications, including telemedicine, distance learning, Webcasting, video conferencing and security monitoring."

The two cameras also feature a quarter-inch, 340,000-effective-pixel CCD for high-quality image capture combined with powerful low-light (1 Lux at 1/30 shutter speed) capabilities. In addition, a Motorized Infrared (IR) Cut Filter can be turned off to significantly brighten the viewing area.

Power Over Ethernet

The new VB-C50FSi Fixed Network Camera is designed for advanced monitoring applications best satisfied by a stationary camera-such as building entrances and ATMs. The VB-C50FSi's Power Over Ethernet (PoE) feature - which takes advantage of its IEEE 802.3af compliancy - allows the VB-C50FSi to receive both data and power through a single Ethernet cable. Because PoE makes a separate cable for electrical power unnecessary, this feature simplifies installation in single or multi-camera systems, particularly at sites where AC outlets are not readily accessible.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Features

For applications where a moving camera is essential, such as warehouses or large office areas, Canon's new VB-C50i/VB-C50iR Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network Camera provides a wide-ranging pan of +/-100 degrees and tilt of +90/-30 degrees to quickly survey any site (the VB-C50iR is the Camera's reverse-mount version, which features a pan of +/- 170 degrees and tilt of +10/-90 degrees).

Audio Advantages

Both the new VB-C50FSi Fixed Network Camera and the new VB-C50i/VB-C50iR Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network Camera can capture, play back, and transmit two-way audio over an IP network. The audio potential of these new cameras supports the needs of business people who want to share information across continents; medical professionals who want to transmit data from remote locations; educators who want to enhance their curriculum; religious leaders who want to reach home-bound parishioners; Webcasters who want to demonstrate product applications; security professionals; and all those who want to transmit quality video and audio while saving time and money. Using Canon's optional VB-EX50 Multi-Terminal Module, users can take full advantage of both cameras' audio features, which include live audio transmission, motion- or sensor-triggered playback of pre-recorded audio, and audio recording. The VB-EX50 Multi-Terminal Module enables users to connect a microphone to either the VB-C50FSi Fixed Network Camera or the VB-C50i/ VB-C50iR Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network Camera to not only see the video at the camera's location but hear the audio as well (using a speaker-equipped PC and either Admin Viewer or Viewer for PC software). This feature is useful for such applications as customer-service monitoring, event Webcasting, and video conferencing.

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