Motobotix IP Video Surveillance Cameras Protect Ohio High School

Jackson, Ohio's high school uses IP video cameras with MXControlCenter software

The Mobotix VoIP (2-way communication) feature allows the police both audible, 2-way as well as video surveillance remote viewing of selected cameras in an emergency scenario. This capability can extend to the responding officer’s laptop. This would be invaluable in an active shooter or hostage event such as occurred recently at Virginia Tech. Police and other first responders have long awaited the arrival of such technology. The MXControlCenter also offers schematic layouts of the building interior in its viewer allowing response teams a remote overview of the situation, no more drawing sketches as the police were left to do at Columbine in April 1999.

“The more we can monitor and control our school the better we can protect our kids and staff. We have received very positive reactions from parents. They appreciate the fact that we can offer their kids a safer school environment,” said Doug Winkler. “There is no doubt that we will continue to expand our MOBOTIX IP surveillance system as we grow our school. The cameras have become an important part of our IT infrastructure and it would be hard to live without them.”