Criminal Justice School Deploys DVTel IP-based Access Control

Ridgefield Park, NJ, February 21, 2007 -- DVTel, Inc., ranked number one in network video software and multiple award-winning market leader in the development and delivery of intelligent security solutions over IP networks, today announced that John Jay School for Criminal Justice utilizes the company's advanced IP-based Longitude IPAC (IP Access Control) system to provide security for more than 20,000 students, faculty, and staff at three college buildings in New York City.

The John Jay system demonstrates DVTel's ability to provide an economical and complete "turnkey" replacement of an older system, along with the capability to solve the most labor-intensive problem in a university system environment: data input and assigning user privileges.

John Jay's primary reasons for installing Longitude IPAC were DVTel's reputation for IP-based Access Control and its network-centric solutions which provide high reliability and scalability. The system's highly advanced ability to automatically load cardholders and assign access privileges to the student, faculty and staff population via downloads from the university's registrar system was also a key selling point. Isabelle Curro, Deputy Director of Security, said, "I've been in the security industry for 20 years, and the DVTel IPAC security solutions and staff are incredible. The system is fast and reliable, and the installation and system performance to date have been totally problem-free."

There are approximately 30 turnstiles and six ID badging stations at three different campus locations providing access control for 20,000 students and staff. The school had originally installed an access control solution from another manufacturer, but needed to upgrade due to scalability problems. DVTel provided all data conversion from the original system including photos and card information while utilizing the existing hardware to make the upgrade seamless and cost-effective.

"What really sets Longitude IPAC apart is its ability to perform the complex logic required to process real world events, make instant decisions, provide notification to appropriate personnel, and perform automatic actions," said Eli Gorovici, DVTel President and CEO. "Our unified iSOC offering provides a total software-based security solution that clearly differentiates DVTel over competing network access control and video products."

The Longitude IP Access Control (IPAC) is an open, software-based access control solution with features including alarm monitoring, graphical maps, automation, reporting, photo ID badge creation, time and attendance, visitor logging, and PLC for criminal courts/correctional institutions. It is a full-featured access control system that is hardware agnostic, so it can take over just about any legacy access control system. Importantly, the end user is no longer locked into proprietary access control hardware and for the end user that's a significant advancement. The Longitude IPAC software functions as a component of DVTel's iSOC or as a stand-alone system.