MangoDSP Launches New Advanced Video Servers for Surveillance

February 2007 - Israel - MangoDSP LTD (Mango), offers advanced video solutions for the CCTV, Homeland Security and Defense markets, launched the Raven M and Raven X2, a new product line for the Homeland Security and Defense markets. These products are based on Texas Instruments Incorporated's (TI) TMS320DM642 digital media processor and are designed to deliver a comprehensive solution to the unique requirements of the Homeland Security and defense markets. These solutions are cost effective and can be easily fitted into existing complex security systems without the need to invest in the infrastructure.

The Raven M and Raven X2 are unique in their capability to perform both encoding and decoding of MPEG-4 and H.264 formats at full frame rate and up to 4CIF resolution simultaneously, as well as content analysis on one DSP. The Raven product line has a full control and monitoring system and supports WiFi and WiMax. The Raven X2 allows a serial connection of many servers, rather than a parallel connection, and the Raven M fits 19-inch server cabinets as well. Two serial communication ports enable controlling camera movements, a logic gating function (TTL) and the option to backup stored information on a memory card of up to 4 Gigabytes.

Both solutions will be available in rugged and/or PC 104 formats and will function under extreme temperature and humidity conditions.

The new Raven product line are supported by Mango's Intelligent Video Software (IVS), which API (Application Program Interface) is designed to enable easy and simple integration of third party content analysis software and allow simple access to the programming of the DSP for the purpose of managing tasks, updating the system and applying a large set of user definable rules.

Mango DSP has partnered with the leading Intelligent Video companies allowing them to embed the content analysis software onto the Mango Raven family.

"Capitalizing on the performance of TI's DM642 digital media processor, Mango's video server solution delivers multiple video surveillance technologies and advanced video processing capabilities in a low-cost, easy-to-integrate form factor," said Cyril Clocher, business development manager for TI's DSP group in Europe. "Because of this functionality, the Raven M and Raven X2 will spawn creation of enhanced, feature-rich video surveillance systems, both for the homeland security and defense markets."

"Adding unique features such as up to four gigabytes of onboard recording, an Ethernet switch and others, these new products enhance Mango's Video Server product line and deliver our customers a leading-edge solution that is flexible and cost-effective," said Baruch Peled, CEO of Mango DSP. "The fact that high-profile customers have already tested these products and given us excellent feedback builds our trust that these are some of the most promising products Mango has ever brought to market. We are confident that we will see the rapid adoption of these products and a much wider market penetration and increased sales."

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