ADT Security Continues Roll-Out of Health Monitoring Solution

BOCA RATON, Fla., Feb. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- ADT Security Services, a unit of Tyco Fire & Security, announced today that it has launched its ADT WellHealth line of health monitoring services, designed to improve patient care and control healthcare costs. The WellHealth product suite was introduced at the White House Conference on Aging in Washington, D.C., in late 2005.

ADT's WellHealth solutions can help reduce medical costs for individuals and employers as well as private and government health insurers by helping people remain independent in their homes longer and reducing preventable hospital care.

In its first year, ADT WellHealth has been successfully implemented at a large self-insured employer with cost savings and high user satisfaction and participation rates. Participants reported feeling more aware of their conditions -- as the service reminded them to regularly check their vital conditions, more knowledgeable and informed in general about their health, and reassured that ADT was there in case of need.

By making the home the "center of care," ADT's WellHealth solutions help keep better track of health regimens and medication compliance through employment of easy-to-use digital devices that connect patients to ADT's industry-leading Customer Monitoring Centers and, if necessary, a registered nurse, pharmacist or other medical professionals.

"ADT's experience in monitored security, and in integrating best of breed technology components to deliver these services, gives us an advantage in creating and delivering affordable monitored healthcare products and services. Using ADT's scale, we can help reduce the strain on our nation's healthcare infrastructure by reducing hospital readmissions and other avoidable healthcare costs," said Denton Kanouff, ADT vice president of strategic product planning. "And while saving money, ADT's WellHealth is designed to simultaneously promote patient independence, privacy and improved quality of life."

According to the August 2005 New England Journal of Medicine, avoidable costs of hospitalization -- as a result of noncompliance to medication orders -- amount to $100 billion annually in the United States alone and are just one example of healthcare costs that could be avoided with patient support and encouragement.

"The management of disease involves the healthcare industry, government agencies, employers and the general public. ADT WellHealth is positioned to play an important role in the coordination of care for those suffering from chronic diseases," said Michael Lynch, Ph.D., director for ADT WellHealth.

A leading telemedicine practitioner, Joseph C. Kvedar, M.D., director of Boston-based Partners Telemedicine and the vice-chair of dermatology at Harvard Medical School, said services such as ADT WellHealth can play a significant role in providing improved patient care.

"Patients can benefit from more timely monitoring of their health status and intervention should a health problem arise, increased understanding and awareness of their health and how lifestyle choices affect their health, and improved compliance with drug regimens," said Dr. Kvedar. "At the same time, the ADT WellHealth services are enabling more efficient utilization of our healthcare resources and better management of healthcare spending by delivering quality patient care via trusted technology."

The ADT WellHealth product suite is divided into three separate and distinct categories to address the varying medical needs of individuals. All of the products include the ability to call for help, if needed, 24 hours a day.

-- ADT MediHealth - Monitors medication compliance and related health issues to evaluate adherence to doctor instructions.

-- ADT VitalHealth - Tracks vital signs to record and report vital health data that could signal a need for medical help.

-- ADT ManageHealth - Chronicles health behaviors to encourage a wellness-oriented lifestyle.