iControl Networks Works with Monitronics and GE Security

ISC East, New York City, NY (September 10, 2007) - iControl Networks, Inc., a leading provider of mass-market Web-based solutions to remotely monitor and control your home, today announced the launch of "Home Security 2.0," the next generation of home security. Aligned with GE Security, a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of the General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), iControl's integrated solution provides a new and unique consumer experience that adds broadband and mobile access to security systems, cameras and home devices delivering remote home monitoring and home control functionality to traditional monitored home protection. Accompanied by a tri-mode security network (broadband, cellular/GSM and POTS access), this integrated solution will provide greatly enhanced peace-of-mind and enable users to stay connected to their homes, families and properties when away.

"Home Security 2.0" complements existing GE Security home protection equipment installed in millions of homes in the US, enabling home security companies to offer this enhanced solution to both existing and new customers.

Monitronics will offer this revolutionary, new integrated solution in the US. "Home Security 2.0" extends the value of Monitronics' monitored home security services by enabling customers to remotely access and control their system. In addition, customers can see live video and pictures of their home, receive email and/or text message notifications of events, and control lighting, thermostats and more from anywhere in the world via their personal web portal or mobile phone.

"As technology advances, consumers are demanding new capabilities from their home security systems," said Mitch Clarke, vice president of marketing and market development at Monitronics. "Our customers want more - in addition to securing their home, they want to stay connected while away. The Home Security 2.0 solution offers this and greater peace-of-mind to our customers. We are excited to bring the next generation of home security to the market."

iControl's "Home Security 2.0" gateway device plugs into the home network and connects wirelessly with the GE home security panel, enabling broadband access to users' home security systems. Cameras, lamp modules, thermostats and other devices can be added, enabling users to remotely see live video, control lighting and room temperatures, and more via their personal webpage or mobile phone. Users can also set their service to send notifications via email or text message when happenings occur (or do not occur) in their home.

"Home Security 2.0 represents a new consumer experience that merges home security with web, broadband, and cellular technology. By enhancing the core peace-of-mind value proposition associated with monitored home security and enabling consumers to stay connected to the things that matter most, Monitronics is raising the bar for home security companies looking to expand their offerings," said Reza Raji, chief executive officer of iControl Networks. "With the addition of the iControl Home Security 2.0 solution, Monitronics will lead the monitored home protection industry in innovation."

"Today, home security companies provide service to approximately 20 percent of North American households," said Frank Roth, chief marketing officer - Americas for GE Security. "The enhanced functionality in the Home Security 2.0 integrated solution goes beyond security, expanding the home protection market. This offering extends the peace-of-mind benefit by appealing to those who have not yet purchased security."