Nomad Digital Tests Mobile CCTV for California Transit Project

LONDON & OAKLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nomad Digital, providers of specialist mobility networks, completed a successful demonstration of the first US wireless closed circuit television (CCTV) communication from on-board a passenger train, using WiMAX as the backhaul, for the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA). The proof of concept (POC) was conducted on a moving train on Saturday, 3 February 2007, and the uninterrupted high-speed communication was enabled by Nomad’s unique wireless technology.

Jim Allison, Principal Planner, CCJPA commented: "We set up very high thresholds in terms of bandwidth and applications to be tested on the system and are pleased to see that the results exceeded those thresholds. We wanted a simulated safety and security test with video to and from the train, and test additional operational and passenger applications. With the successful test using Nomad Digital’s system we are confident that there is a system out there that meets our operational and customer needs.”

The success of the demonstration, conducted by Nomad Digital, proves that aside from enabling rail operators to upgrade their safety and security systems, the technology also allows them to achieve improved operational efficiency through real-time ticket transactions, train diagnostic data, food sales and inventory and other miscellaneous communications. In addition, train operators will be able to increase passenger ridership and improve passengers’ experience on board trains by offering wireless DSL, enabling them to utilise seamless broadband connection for all Internet applications.

Nigel Wallbridge, Chairman and Joint-Founder, Nomad Digital, comments: “We have just made a ‘killer application’ a reality! This POC demonstration shows the extensive capabilities that our cutting edge technology can bring to the railway community worldwide.”

Nomad is already established in providing advanced WiFi services on board trains across the UK and North America. Prestigious contract wins in 2006 with Virgin Trains and the Heathrow Express have helped establish Nomad Digital’s global footprint. Already 2007 has seen the opening of Nomad’s global headquarters in Newcastle (UK) and its expansion into Asia.

The POC was conducted for Capitol Corridor. A CCTV camera was installed at trackside near a train station and used WiMAX technology for connectivity to the train. CCTV video, streamed from the trackside to the train, proved to be of sufficient quality to be used for general safety measurements. In addition trackside CCTV, in particular images from dangerous grade level crossings, forwarded straight to the train engineer, allowed him to anticipate any potential obstructions on the track prior to reaching the actual station.

In the other direction – from the train to the shore – CCTV video stream could be sent to the management centre, and in case of danger situations, law enforcement agencies would be able to react in a timely fashion. The total bandwidth demonstrated during the trial was sufficient for CCTV and the other applications CCJPA/BART is envisioning to use on their trains.

UK based Nomad Digital is a privately owned company which was formed in early 2002 by Graeme Lowdon and Nigel Wallbridge. Nomad Digital is focused on the provision of specialty mobility networks and was first company in UK to trial WiFi on board trains. Nomad has developed the world’s first deployment of a communication system to trains using IEEE802.16 (WiMax) and is the largest operator of a pre-WiMax network in the UK. More information: