SecurityInc. Launches New Automated Security Control Program

ARLINGTON, Va., Feb. 8 -- Homeland Security Capital Corp., a company focused on acquiring, developing and consolidating homeland security-related businesses, announced today that its subsidiary, SecurityInc, has launched a new automated security monitoring and control system with strong applications for public building security.

The company's unique Managed Automated Security Controls (MASC) software and MASC-Series controllers are able to automate important tasks without a host computer or a person initiating the response. This includes actions such as triggering alarms, shutting down elevators and locking designated areas when a security breach is detected. The technology has important applications for police stations, prisons and hospitals that are vulnerable during power outages.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Department of Homeland Security developed the Security Survivability Interoperability Master Plan (SSIMP), a process whose requirements are satisfied by MASC. MASC also is capable of handling ladder logic and peer-to-peer (distributed) processes and can be fully integrated with building control systems and current Department of Defense initiatives. The capability of running without host computers and human monitoring makes the MASC system one of the first responders to emergency situations and provides for continued protection.

C. Thomas McMillen, Homeland Security Capital chairman and CEO, said, "Homeland Security and SecurityInc are ushering in a new era of monitoring and control systems with the launch of MASC. Software this smart is revolutionary. A human being doesn't have to react to each set of circumstances, the software and controller are capable of doing that on its own."

Joel Konicek, SecurityInc's CEO, comments, "Our system integrates access control, intrusion detection, alarm monitoring, CCTV, DVR, video compare, text-to-speech audio annunciation and badging functions in a unique single application. Its touch screen, user-definable, graphical control interface is designed and configured to meet the needs and skill level of every user. There is no other system quite like this in the market. In today's world, this provides a badly needed and important new level of building security."