Anti-Crime System Uses Robot-Like Functions for Intruder Observation

ENCINITAS, Calif., Feb. 7, 2007- A new automated burglary deterrent product from Cross Point Industries, Inc., protects large outdoor areas with a high-intensity light and CCTV capabilities that make it seem human-operated to an intruder.

When activity is detected within a protected area, the light will turn on and rotate until it finds the intruder. The light will then follow the intruder, giving the impression that they are being watched and recorded.

The patented Ground Observing Reconnaissance Transmitter (GORT) unit includes a 500-watt halogen lamp, a CCTV camera mount, and connections for 12vdc camera power and video signal. The unit will detect and respond to the presence of intruders within a protected area, while supporting CCTV cameras typically used in outdoor environments.

The key deterrent feature of the patented GORT unit is the effect of the tracking light on intruders. When activated, the GORT unit aims its bright light in the direction of the intruder and follows the target if it moves around on the property.

Cross Point offers wireless sensors that extend the reach of the GORT unit so it can detect and track activity up to 1,000 feet beyond a property's boundary. When activated, the light will oscillate left and right and then back to the target to remind individuals that they have been detected and are being watched.

"The GORT units respond to wireless signals sent by Voice Alert sensors positioned around the secured zone," said Phil Kessler, CEO of Cross Point Industries. "When multiple GORT units are installed on a site they can effectively cover a 360-degree area surrounding a property."

Ideal applications for the GORT unit include the sides or rooftops of large buildings, automobile dealerships, truck storage facilities, impound lots, schools and residences. A high-end automobile dealership in Los Angeles is among the first businesses to install 12 of the GORT units.

The GORT unit can also be wirelessly integrated with a Voice Alert receiver via radio frequency signal. When the GORT unit is activated, the Voice Alert receiver will deliver an audible announcement to guards or property owners.

For example, a message stating, "Someone has entered the back lot," could be played by the Voice Alert receiver in the guard station or over a public address system. The guards could then check images from the camera mounted to the GORT unit. The intruder would also hear the message and realize that they are being observed.

"Intruders who are "targeted" by GORT usually make a hasty retreat and no further guard activity is required," said Kessler. "While making its presence known, the GORT unit does not frighten off legitimate people who are doing nothing wrong; such as in the case of an automobile dealership or parking garage."

Cross Point Industries will debut the GORT unit at ISC West 2007 in Las Vegas. Technicians will give demonstrations throughout the show at Booth # 2140. The suggested retail price for a GORT unit with Voice Alert sensors is less than $2,500.

Founded in 2000, Cross Point Industries, Inc., is a privately owned company headquartered in Encinitas, Calif. The company designs and licenses unique products directed at specific security challenges, while developing market channels for their sales and distribution. For more information about Cross Point Industries and its products, visit the company's website at