DICE to Release Inbound/Outbound Voice Automation Feature

February 6, 2007, Bay City, MI - DICE Corporation releases a solution to improve clients' operator efficiency and customer service. With the March release of the new text-to-speech DICE Inbound/Outbound Voice Automation, clients will be able to completely tailor the technology to meet their inbound and outbound communication needs.

The DICE Inbound/Outbound Voice Automation system, currently being beta tested, provides an automated structure using virtual attendants with natural sounding pleasant voices. Callers interact with the virtual attendant to perform tasks such as disabling and enabling an account, clear pending alarms, read back history, and retrieve account balances.

Using the same text-to-speech technology, the system also allows clients to broadcast automated messages to end-users, whose accounts receive low battery and power failure signals. The text to speech messages can be modified and customized to the circumstance of the call, complying with your company's notification procedures.

"This technology has the ability to greatly improve our client's operator performance," said Mike Simpson, President of DICE Corporation. "The capabilities of DICE Voice Automation will yield surprising results with call handling efficiency and we expect to improve the overall inbound and outbound communications of our client's operations."

DICE Corporation (www.dicecorp.com) specializes in creating integrated central station monitoring software and accounting solutions for the security industry. Founded in 1983, DICE Corporation is privately held and operates on an international level with clients on six continents.