Intellitactics Releases New Version of Security Manager

System offers enterprise-wide view of security and compliance status

RSA Conference and Expo, San Francisco, CA, February 6, 2007 — Intellitactics unveiled plans to enhance their comprehensive enterprise security management solution, Intellitactics Security Manager. Security Manager is the product of choice for enterprises and federal agencies implementing proactive security operations management and reducing the cost and effort associated with complying with regulatory standards.

Intellitactics Security Manager Spring 2007 delivers more value, and features automated recognition and analysis of diverse data. This release also strengthens the product with performance enhancements for analysis and reporting for companies with high volumes of events from any data source. Another focal point of this release are features that further simplify the implementation and administration of Security Manager with automated system monitoring.

"We promise customers that in a short time they will experience the value they expect to gain from Security Manager," says Sunil Bhargava, Vice President of Product Management for Intellitactics. "Some companies have actually delayed a decision for a product like Security Manager because they questioned the time to value. With these product enhancements, our customers can easily configure Security Manager to reflect enterprise policies and processes so they can start reporting and get ahead of evolving threats within days of product installation."

Intellitactics Security Manager Spring 2007 includes the following features and enhancements:

• Dynamic List Support – Automatic tracking and correlation of security event details (such as critical userids, suspicious websites, or tagged activities) from user-supplied lists eliminates the need to manually update rules and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of system monitoring, event viewing, and reporting.

• High Performance for High-Volume Environments – High volumes of events can stress ordinary architectures and increase processing time for analysis and reporting; this feature package supports high-performance processing requirements.

• Configurable Taxonomy References – Enriches security events and alerts, unique to Security Manager, with a NEW user interface that streamlines the addition of new taxonomy or updates to the default taxonomy in order to adapt to enterprise policy and process.

• System Health Monitoring – Enhanced capabilities both monitor and manage the run-time environment of Security Manager, ensuring maximum system availability and optimizing system performance. Automated health monitoring manages disk space and memory usage, monitors device and data source activity, and sets system activity thresholds; with notifications to external systems when administrator-defined thresholds are exceeded.

• Auto-Recognition Capabilities for Data Acquisition – Accelerates time to value for new installations by automating recognition of security events from a set of syslog-enabled data sources.

• Flexible, Simplified Asset Configuration – Enhances quality of alert scoring and proactive alert management by simplifying the adding and editing of asset information via a NEW user interface.

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