AuthenTec Ships Record 10 Million Biometric Fingerprint Sensors

Industry leaders say success signals emergence of biometrics in mainstream markets

Founded with a small team and a single engineering prototype, AuthenTec today has about 100 team members and offers 14 different fingerprint sensors. Each sensor is based on AuthenTec's patented TruePrint(R) and TrueMatch(R) technologies, the only solution in production that reads below the surface of the skin to the live layer where the true fingerprint resides.

AuthenTec sensors are widely used in notebook and tablet PCs to provide advanced security and to replace the need for passwords -- allowing authorized users to easily and quickly access their files by simply touching or sliding their finger across the sensor surface. This restricts access to the computer and its files to only those enrolled, reducing the risk of theft or fraud. In cell phones, AuthenTec sensors combine security -- to protect phone files and mobile commerce transactions - with a broad range of features to that make gaming, web browsing and other functions easier to use - all at the simple touch or swipe of a finger.

"Our entire team is extremely proud of reaching the 10 million sensor milestone, but we are even more excited by the widespread adoption of our technology by so many of today's leading electronics manufacturers. Although we are pleased to be able to announce our 10 million shipment, the fact is that the market for our products approaches a billion units per year," said Scott Moody, Co-founder and CEO of AuthenTec. "Given the opportunity in front of us, we will continue to aggressively drive new, innovative solutions and are committed to providing even more advanced security and convenience in smaller, lower cost sensors. We know that this can help further drive the adoption of biometrics not only in existing markets, but in virtually any electronic device where security and convenience are important."