New Drugs in the Workplace Seminar Offered to Corporate Executives

Veteran LAPD Lieutenant in narcotics division to discuss identifying drug problems in the workplace

The seminar covers in-depth:

(1) Drug characteristics and their manifested influence in employees
(2) Drug testing, understanding its strengths and limitations
(3) 12-step pre-determination process to isolate employee drug usage
(4) Taking action – document, investigate and control the situation
(5) Confronting and handling the employee to minimize disruption
(6) Employer's responsibilities and liabilities
(7) Employee's rights and responsibilities
(8) Legal liability issues

"Workplace training programs in employee drug handling for executives, managers and supervisors should be mandatory, as our business environments are more and more becoming negatively inundated by those who are influenced by drug usage," says Robert Kirschner, President of TMAP. "Training that approximates the reality of the situations to be encountered is vital to the safety of every man and woman employee, and the security of the company itself. The Drugs in the Workplace seminar achieves that objective."

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