Videx Releases CyberLock Cylinders for Parking Meters

CORVALLIS, OREGON, August 24, 2007 — Videx, Inc.,, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of access control products, announces that CyberLock electronic cylinders are now available for parking meters. CyberLock brings access control and an audit trail to parking meters simply by replacing the meter's existing mechanical lock cylinder with a CyberLock electronic cylinder. Each CyberLock cylinder is designed to the exact dimensional standards of the mechanical cylinder it is replacing.

With the CyberLock system, parking enforcement officers can access all the meters on their routes with one pre-programmed electronic key. Keys can be set with dates to begin and end operation, eliminating worries about 'lost' keys. Each key contains permissions on what locks the key can open, with a schedule of days and times it will open those locks. Each time the key opens a lock, a record is stored in both the key and the lock cylinder, creating a detailed audit report of openings and denied entries. When the protection of cash is the primary consideration, this audit reporting makes the CyberLock system powerful.

Andy Hilverda, Vice President of Videx, says, "CyberLock electronic cylinders are manufactured with stainless steel components. The use of stainless steel parts enhances the performance of lock cylinders in all types of weather including the wet, dirty, and sometimes corrosive environments parking meters must operate in. CyberLock has no keyway to vandalize or pick. It is built to survive the most unfriendly operating conditions which makes it an excellent choice for the parking industry."

CyberLock products include intelligent padlocks and a full line of electronic cylinders for parking meters, transit fare boxes, utility boxes, toll booths, and door lock hardware. CyberLock will be demonstrated at ISC East 2007, booth #1228, September 11-12, at Javits Convention Center in New York City.