Security Takes the Set Position at Super Bowl XLI

With Super Bowl on Level One national security alert, manpower rolls in to prevent terror attacks

Keeping the players safe from Miami itself is all together another issue. The South Beach sizzling nightlife scene is very alluring. With the Super Bowl returning to Dolphin Stadium for the ninth time, Miami has been the location of some notorious pre-game activities that have hurt some teams' chances.

Bears Head Coach, Lovie Smith, is not concerned about enjoying the festivities himself. "I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't dance," he comments, "so what is there to do?"

He feels his players are focused as well. The Bears had already put in a practice on Monday while the Colts were arriving in the evening.

According to several Bears players on hand, the decision to arrive in Miami on Sunday-a day ahead of the Colts-should work in their favor. "It allowed for us to get situated, make it sort of like a normal week," Chicago quarterback Rex Grossman says. "I'm just glad we got here when we did."

As for as not getting caught up in the Miami scene wide receiver Bernard Berrian adds, "If you want to win, you stay away from the distractions."