ImageWare Unveils Biometric Disaster Management Credentialing Solution

IWS Disaster Management Solution employs biometrics to credential responders, focuses on mission-critical needs

Establishing an infrastructure with technology in place to handle biometric identification and authentication procedures with secure credentialing capabilities for relief victims and refugees is necessary towards minimizing security concerns and improving the accuracy and response times for victim relief such as funding, medical supplies, insurance, living assistance, among other relief requirements. The Disaster Displacement Identification module enables agencies to quickly deploy a victim relief assistance program that is mobile, scalable and customizable for managing the identity and secure credentialing of displaced victims, refugees and homeless while minimizing fraud and improving response times for financial disbursements.

IWS Disaster Victim Identification Module

One of the most painstaking processes that first responders and emergency management agencies go through in response to a disaster situation is identifying and tracking down the location and status of the missing and deceased. For example, the Indonesian Tsunami disaster in 2004 saw nearly 1.5 million displaced victims suffering nearly 300,000 deaths of citizens from over 50 countries.

Equipping first responders and emergency agencies with the ability to collect and enroll biometric and biographical data on missing and deceased victims along with providing effective means of sharing this data with the global community is paramount towards achieving closure for those searching for lost loved ones. The Disaster Victim Identification module addresses the challenges associated with locating the missing and deceased victims. It allows first responder organizations the ability deploy a comprehensive disaster victim identification program that enables the enrollment and searching of multiple biometrics, images, text records and personal demographic information such as sex, age, height and weight. This critical data can then be shared with participating agencies to further streamline the identification process and improve the search and rescue measures for tracking missing or deceased loved ones.

Additional features and functionality of the IWS Disaster Management Solution includes:

-- Multi-biometric enrollment, identification and verification

-- Exhaustive searching capabilities (1:1, 1:N, X:N, and N:N)

-- Support for more than 90 biometric devices and 60 biometric algorithms

-- Biometric enrollment and identity proofing with Smart Card encoding of biometrics

-- Flexible models of central or distributed issuance of credentials

-- Mobile field acquisition, enrollment and matching of multiple biometrics

-- Submission of demographic and biographic data to investigative bureaus for background checks prior to card issuance or granting victim relief assistance

-- Customized interconnectivity and data conversions to multiple systems or agencies

-- Compliance with NIST FIPS 201 PIV requirements

ImageWare is constantly evaluating areas in which the company can assist organizations worldwide on addressing the needs of creating proper credentials, and enrolling and identifying the countless number of victims affected from large-scale disasters. ImageWare's identity management technologies have been successfully deployed domestically and internationally by emergency management agencies such as FEMA and the Tsunami Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) team in Phuket, Thailand. In support of Hurricane Katrina, FEMA utilized ImageWare's secure credentialing solution to effectively control disaster zones while managing FEMA employees and volunteers. Internationally, ImageWare provided a mobile identification solution that includes biometric capabilities that helped the Tsunami DVI team identify missing and unidentified disaster victims. In addition, the Mexican government is currently using ImageWare's multi-biometric identity management solution to assist its citizens in the identification of missing and deceased loved ones who have crossed the border into the U.S. This system is the first to incorporate four biometrics including face, finger, signature and DNA.

The IWS Disaster Management Solution suite is immediately available worldwide. For more information, please e-mail or call 800-842-4199.