ASIS Certification Offers Terrorism Liability Protection through SAFETY Act

ASIS International announced on Tuesday that its certification program for security professionals has been designated by the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology Act (the so-called SAFETY Act) from the Department of Homeland Security.

The SAFETY Act, which was passed in 2002, limits liability to manufacturers of anti-terrorism products, thereby encouraging companies to develop new technologies that can be used as anti-terrorism tools.

While the SAFETY Act has traditionally been applicable only to manufacturers, the "Designated" status applied to ASIS certifications "affords holders of an ASIS certification and the organizations they represent the ability under Federal Law to be immediately dismissed from any claims alleging that their ASIS certification somehow contributed to losses stemming from a terrorist attack," announced the 34,000-member security organization.

The organization recognizes three particular certifications: the CPP (Certified Protection Professional), the PCI (Professional Certified Investigator), and the PSP (Physical Security Professional).

ASIS' Guidelines program was previously awarded SAFETY Act protection in 2005 (see earlier story).