Crying Wolf in the World of Computer Security?

Despite buzz about online and computer crimes, physical, not electronic incidents still more likely

The number began when six men came on stage at the Civic Auditorium, across the street from the convention center, dressed as bare-chested Vedics in flowing white pants.

They were followed by two dozen women in traditional Indian costumes who delivered a Bollywood dance routine and song about security. Among the lyrics: "Gotta learn to trust but verify/because you don't want to tell it to the FBI."

Microsoft founder Bill Gates followed, starting his keynote speech with a joke.

"I'm glad to be here at RSA, because my other invitation was to go quail hunting with Dick Cheney," Gates deadpanned. "I'm feeling very safe right now."

Scott McNealy, head of Santa Clara-based Sun Microsystems and a longtime rival of Gates', delivered a keynote speech later in the morning and began with his own joke.

"Bill forgot to mention my invitation to go hunting," McNealy said. He paused for a moment and then growled, "Kaboom!"

The audience laughed, and McNealy said, "That's the only thing the press is going to write about my speech."

True enough.

[San Jose Mercury News (CA) (KRT) -- 02/16/06]