NiSCA PR5350 Offers New 10mil Solution for ID Card Printing

The PR5350, introduced at in late 2003, is quickly becoming a best seller; offering print speed of over 158 cards an hour, 24-bit color, security lamination, and RFID encoding/reading options.

To further enhance the printer's capabilities and broaden its market verticals, NiSCA now offers the PR5350 supporting card widths down to an amazing 10mil's. In addition, NiSCA has also enhanced the PR5302D laminator to support 10mil card lamination with thinflim/overlay material; offering an additional barrier against card alternation and increased the card life.

The 10mil solution follows in the same trail as the PR5100/PR5101 solution developed over five years ago. At that time, and still today, NiSCA is the only dye-sublimation printer manufacturer who has consistently provided a full proof 10mil solution.

PR5350-10mil Summary of Printer Features:

- High Speed Printing - 10mil to 30mil card width - Full color edge to edge printing - 300dpi dye-sublimation printing technology - Industry leading 24-bit continuous tone printing, 256-Grayscale - Dual sided printing - Thinflim/Overlay lamination option with PR5302D - USB 2.0 - Full Windows compatibility - Automated cleaning mechanism - MTBF 100,000 cards - ISO9001 & ISO14001 Certifications

About Team NiSCA

NiSCA ID Card Printers have been in the ID Card marketplace since 1994 and deliver reliable solutions to corporations, states, and countries. Team NiSCA -- the sales, service, and marketing arm of Nisca -- is a Business Unit of Kanematsu USA Inc. who is a subsidiary of the Kanematsu Corporation, one of the oldest trading companies in Japan. Founded in 1889, Kanematsu's major business areas include IT related products, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, specialty steels, grains, foodstuffs and aerospace.

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