GE's Secure Registered Traveler Kiosks Are Moving Passengers through Clear Lanes

SRT kiosk adds shoe scanning technology to Verified Identity Pass Clear lanes

In addition to fast and efficient identification and security assessment, current benefits of using the SRT Kiosk can include the potential for waiver of the requirement to remove shoes when passing through checkpoints at TSA-approved airports. It's hoped that a future benefit to be afforded by the TSA may allow RT program members to avoid removing jackets and other outer garments.

GE Security tested the kiosk at Verified's Clear Registered Traveler lanes at Orlando International Airport, the site of the initial RT pilot program, last year.

The integration of multiple technologies into one kiosk is an initial step toward realization of GE Security's vision for the airport checkpoint of the future where the data from multiple security sensors are fused to produce a collective security product that is more than the sum of the individual sensors' parts. In the sensor-fused airport of the future, GE envisions creation of something that doesn't exist today, a total passenger security picture made up of data from all available sensors, with each able to signal increased scrutiny by other sensors as "alarms" occur.

GE Security is an investor in, and equipment and service provider to, Verified Identity Pass, which operates Clear.