Bold to Launch New Virtual Disaster Response Center

Hurricanes. Fires. Bomb threats. Network failures. With these and a myriad of other unexpected events affecting central stations, Bold Technologies has announced plans to launch its own Virtual Disaster Response center on June 1, 2006, appropriately the beginning of hurricane season.

Spearheaded by Bold employee Matt Narowski and his support team, Bold’s Virtual Disaster Response Center allows central stations to relocate, continue their operations and fully manage all emergency situations with practically no interruptions or difficulties.

"The concept of the Virtual Disaster Response center is really unique," commented Rod Coles, president of Bold. "Central stations are essentially able to relocate within minutes and continue operations from the other side of the country, the next state or even the hotel across the road during a state of emergency.”

Located in a secure location in Colorado Springs, CO, in the shadow of nearby NORAD, Bold’s Virtual Disaster Response Center, combined with the flexibility of their Manitou platform, allows central stations to prepare a full range of response plans dependant on each specific incident.

"After the disasters of Katrina and Rita, which closed down many central stations, removing the necessity of having to send dispatchers across the country during an emergency is a real plus," added Jerry Winslow, VP of Sales. "Using the virtual concept, central stations are now immediately able to respond to any disaster situation.”

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