BSI2000 Homeland Security Utilities Contract Expanded

DENVER - BSI2000, Inc., a leading developer of high-end security systems for commercial and government use, announced today that a major security enhancement contract that it won in 2005 has been expanded in scope and size by about 35%.

In April 2005, BSI2000 announced that it had been awarded a contract to provide security enhancements that are compliant with U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) directives for the J. G. Beacham Water Treatment Plant (Beacham) in Athens, Georgia.

The project to implement the BSI2000 system has been underway since that time and involves the installation and testing of a complete monitoring system for water treatment plants, pumping stations, water towers, valve stations, and water intakes for Beacham.

Features of the security system available from BSI2000 for similar industrial and government sites include the dynamic ability to adjust security levels instantaneously to track with the DHS national terrorist threat advisory levels; an automatic duress fingerprint alarm notifications system; a state-of-the-art fingerprint biometrics system; and use of high-bandwidth encrypted security data traffic over the Internet or local fiber networks to tie remote sites together on a regional, national, or even global basis.

Jeffrey Rooks, BSI2000 Sales Executive, said, "BSI2000 has shown great innovation with its ability to meet the security demands of Beacham. We were asked to perform total installation of the extended MAXXNET2000 system rather than just design the security matrix and supply components. I believe that all of this illustrates the trust that the plant engineering firm, Jordan Jones & Goulding of Athens, Ga., and the general contractor, Archer Western Contractors, Ltd., have in BSI2000's ability to deliver creative and effective high-end turnkey security packages from design through implementation to final test acceptance on a fixed-fee basis."

The patented MAXXNET2000(TM) entry/exit access control system provides the backbone for the security monitoring and control system. MAXXNET2000, a core BSI2000 product, currently provides high-level security for Denver International Airport, Anchorage International Airport, the U.S. Air Force Academy, a NASA research facility, prisons, office buildings and numerous other sites.

BSI2000, Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company designs, builds, and sells high-end security related products for the homeland defense, entry/exit access control, and identification markets. The company develops and sells patented and patent-pending systems for identifying, authenticating, and tracking people and their activities by combining biometrics, electronic ID cards of various types, sensors, extensive embedded software, and advanced cryptography.