IBG's Certifies First Biometric Product

NEW YORK - International Biometric Group (IBG) announces the first biometric product to be certified through IBG's Biometric Performance Certification program. The OKI IRISPASS-WG, an iris recognition device, has been certified for accuracy and usability through rigorous, independent IBG testing.

Thousands of commercial and government organizations rely upon International Biometric Group's performance evaluations when making deployment and partnership decisions. In addition, test results and certification data support IBG's systems integration and implementation services.

The new Biometric Performance Certification List, along with detailed performance data supporting performance certification, is available for download at www.biometricgroup.com/ibgcertification.html.

IBG certifies biometric product performance through independent, standards-compliant testing such as its Comparative Biometric Testing. The next round of Comparative Biometric Testing begins in February 2006 .

"We anticipate certifying many more biometric products in the weeks and months to come," said Michael Thieme, IBG's Director of Special Projects. "The continued emergence of large-scale biometric programs - both commercial and government sector - underscores the need for independent, rigorous biometric performance certification."

IBG's Biometric Performance Certification program certifies biometric product accuracy and usability for applications such as access control, border management, network security, and point of sale. The Biometric Performance Certification List will be regularly updated as new products are certified through IBG's independent testing.