ObjectVideo Develops Scanning Camera Technology for DHS Border Applications

Reston, VA July 18, 2006- ObjectVideo, the leader in intelligent video, announces successful development and testing of its new scanning camera technology for border applications for the Homeland Security Advanced Research Project Agency (HSARPA). The work by ObjectVideo represents two contracts totaling $3.2 million from HSARPA to enhance U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP’s) existing intelligent video surveillance capabilities on the northern and southern borders of the United States.  

HSARPA contracted with ObjectVideo to enrich intelligent video surveillance systems on the border with the ability to accurately detect and alert objects of interest from constantly scanning cameras.  This capability is particularly useful at the U.S. borders, where stationary cameras have only a limited field-of-view.  ObjectVideo’s next-generation scanning technology requires fewer cameras, as the customer’s intelligent video-equipped cameras can now monitor larger areas more efficiently and accurately. 

ObjectVideo technology is already protecting more than 80 U.S. border locations at ports-of-entry through an existing CBP contract.  Other ObjectVideo customers include the Department of Defense, the U.S. Air Force and Navy, the Department of Energy and more than 30 commercial airports and seaports.   

“ObjectVideo is providing the latest in American technology to help solve our border security problems,” said Stephen Vermillion, ObjectVideo Vice President of Government Affairs.  “Our intelligent video meets the high technology standards set by President Bush in his border initiatives.  ObjectVideo has been helping CBP protect the border for 3 years; we partnered with DHS to develop and complete testing of new and improved technologies designed specifically for additional protection at the border.”

The Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA), part of DHS, invests in programs offering the potential for revolutionary changes in technologies that promote homeland security and accelerate the prototyping and deployment of technologies that reduce homeland vulnerabilities. HSARPA performs these functions in part by awarding procurement contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, or other transactions for research or prototypes to public or private entities, businesses, federally funded research and development centers and universities.

ObjectVideo is the leading provider of intelligent video software for security, public safety, business intelligence gathering, process improvement and other applications. Based upon patented computer vision technology, ObjectVideo products turn video into data to detect, classify and track objects of interest according to user defined rules.