Vanguard Incorporates Significant Compliance Upgrades in New Version 6.3

LAS VEGAS, July 11 -- Vanguard Integrity Professionals, the world's leading developer of security management software, consulting services, and training for IBM's zSeries RACF(R) Security Server, today announced more than 35 product enhancements in the new release of Vanguard Security Solutions v6.3, including new features for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, monitoring and reporting.

Designed to provide the most trusted RACF computing environment, Vanguard's new release strengthens an enterprise's capabilities to prevent vulnerabilities, assure against inadvertent errors and will help companies become SOX compliant.

"Strengthening authentication is a top priority for many information technology organizations due to recent market events, Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, Federal Financial Institution Examination Council regulations and other compliance imperatives," states Brian Marshall, Vanguard's Director of Product Development.

Major enhancements across the product line include:

* Support for SOX Compliance in DB2 -- Customers can now manage DB2 more effectively, improving identity management and user provisioning to address issues commonly reported as material findings in a SOX audit. Version 6.3 also features major advances in vulnerability analysis, SOX specific remediation and compliance as well as real-time alerts of SOX failures.

* New SOX Remediation Enhancements -- These new processes identify individuals and the access they require, and automatically generate commands needed to provide proper levels of access. This enhances compliance by preventing the user from obtaining access greater than that required in their role.

* Faster Compliance Monitoring and Reporting -- With a 70% increase in overall monitoring and reporting speed, compliance monitoring and reporting can now be completed more rapidly at a significantly lower cost.

* Extended RACF Identity Management Data -- A powerful new reporting feature allows all user based information to be captured for use by other programs and facilities. This information can be extended to other processes where Identity Management is required, thus extending RACF Identity Management across the enterprise.

* Extended Authentication and Control Information Logging -- This is a major enhancement for those using installation data to document or store extended authentification and control information. Logging captures complete "before and after" images of "who what and when" changes to information. This significant feature allows unwanted changes and mistakes to be corrected with a new restore capability.

* Advanced Support for Digital Certificates in RACF -- Vanguard solutions now offer the ability to decode, view and report on z/OS Integrated Cryptographic Support Facility (ICSF) digital certificates. More effective usage and management of certificates promotes much stronger authentication and highly secure SSL encrypted communications traffic.

According to Ronn Bailey, CEO and Chief Technical Officer of Vanguard Integrity Professionals, "Vanguard's latest software release delivers essential new security enhancements for the enterprise which will expand our true leadership in the mainframe security arena. Our new enhancements significantly upgrade a company's ability to mitigate and remediate compliance shortcomings with the highest level of security, advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities."

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