GVI Security Solutions Releases GVI Access Control Enterprise

CARROLLTON, Texas - GVI Security Solutions, Inc., a provider of integrated Homeland Security Enterprise solutions for government agencies and the private sector, today announced the release of GVI Access Control Enterprise access control software.

GVI Access Control Enterprise is a user-friendly, multi-server access management software that is designed to enhance any access management system whether the user is operating in a single-server environment or a multi-region, multi-server system. When combined with options such as integrated third-party CCTV, intercom and DVR interfaces in a single front end, GVI Access Control Enterprise creates one of the most powerful and flexible access management systems available today.

Key features of GVI Access Control include:

Free Badging -- In today's heightened security environment, video IDs are no longer just a nice enhancement to an access control system -- they are a necessity. GVI Access Control Enterprise includes free video ID badging with every workstation license.

Variable Dwell Alarm Bumping -- With this feature, alarms may be processed by one location during normal business hours and then automatically pushed or "bumped" to a different location during the night shift. Utilizing GVI Access Control Enterprise, administrators looking for backup and redundancy in their security plans can configure alarm monitoring stations to bump (to another location) alarms which have not been acknowledged within a prescribed time frame.

Database Partitioning -- Multiple locations or buildings used to mean separate databases/systems for each facility with no way to centrally manage them. With GVI Access Control Enterprise, one database can be shared among several regions without allowing individual local operators to see or gain access to one another's data through database partitioning. Administrators maintain total control over all system functions with the knowledge that their modifications are made system wide by way of database replication. Deployments which require extreme reliability can be configured to run in a Microsoft Cluster Server environment for full fail over server protection.

GVI Access Control Enterprise includes several other features, including:

-- Microsoft SQL Server 2000 compatibility;
-- Single server or distributed regional servers;
-- Supports Microsoft Cluster Server for hot server redundancy;
-- True database partitioning;
-- Database replication for multiple servers;
-- Multiple credentials per person (e.g., wallet proximity card, vehicle/parking tag, thumbprint for high security areas);
-- Interfaces to various employee management systems;
-- Digital video recorder, intercom and CCTV switcher interface options;
-- Variable duration holiday and holiday groups;
-- Built-in badging/verification;
-- Alarm/Event processing/filtering;
-- Interactive graphical maps;
-- Hardwire, dialup or TCP/IP SCP support;
-- Automatic enrollment reader support;
-- Elevator control;
-- Precision (single-door) access control;
-- Built-in automatic backup utility;
-- Built-in paging and e-mail support;
-- Built-in custom report designer;
-- Interactive hardware tree;
-- Support for multiple card and reader technologies;
-- User definable cardholder fields; and
-- Import/Export utility.

GVI Security Solutions, Inc. is a provider of complete video surveillance and security solutions incorporating a complete line of video surveillance, access control and detection systems to the homeland security, professional, business-to-business and retail market segments. GVI provides a strong combination of CCTV, Digital Video Recording, Access Control, Rapid Access Portals, Video IT-Based Networking and Perimeter Control systems that enhance life safety for both government agencies and the private sector. Combined with the new line of Video Threat Detection and PTZ Tracking software, GVI's full service Enterprise Solutions Group provides turnkey solutions and integrated systems for various government, homeland security and Fortune 500 applications. GVI's board and senior management have decades of high-level experience in the security, law enforcement and investment banking communities. The Chairman of the Board is Howard Safir, former New York City Police Commissioner.