Houston School Deals with Security after Alleged Assault

Man allegedly was able to walk into school, wander halls and rape student in bathroom

School employees vowed to create checkpoints at all the school's exterior doors and to allow concerned community groups to conduct "pop-up" visits to check on the school, Muhammad said.

The group vowed to use "community policing" to make sure the campus is secure, to hold forums with parents and to have a follow-up meeting with Coleman.

School district officials confirmed Muhammad's group will be allowed on campus for escorted visits.

More unwelcome attention

Still, students said they're worried that Westbury has had more than its share of problems this year.

The school grabbed national headlines after 27 students - some from Houston and some from New Orleans - were arrested for fighting. After the incident, district leaders vowed to step up security.

"It is evident that this heightened security was not sufficient to keep a stranger from entering the halls of the school and committing this act," Muhammad said.

"Our children deserve more than substandard security."

Some teens said they were nervous about walking Westbury's halls Friday.

"The girls are pretty scared," said Edwin Pineda, 16. "They've got to increase security."

Others said Westbury is doing well and that tension between Katrina evacuees and Houston students is finally starting to die down.

"It could happen at every school. It just happened here," said Eric Escobar, 16 "Westbury is just like any other school - good things happen, bad things happen."