DynaPel Partners with Integration Firm BCM Controls in Northeast

Fort Myers, FL - DynaPel Systems, Inc., a leading developer of intelligent video solutions for the security, surveillance and broadcast markets, has appointed BCM Controls Corporation of Woburn, MA as an authorized reseller of its innovative digital video products.

"This partnership brings together two of the leading companies in the security marketplace," said Jeffery Vollmar, Vice President of DynaPel.

"The combination of BCM Controls' established market presence and strong customer base, combined with our innovative product portfolio, will clearly result in a win-win partnership."

Founded in 1984, BCM Controls is the largest Building Automation Systems Integrator in New England and offers optimal product configurations to meet a customer's need for stand-alone or integrated solutions in access control, CCTV, security, HVAC, lighting, elevator controls and critical equipment monitoring. As a subsidiary of Comfort Systems USA (NYSE:FIX), BCM Controls offers national service and support through its sister companies.

"We researched numerous offerings from CCTV manufacturers and specialty suppliers and found the DynaPel line to be the right product and the right price point," said Steven Feinberg, Vice President, Security Division, BCM Controls. "The DynaPel products are very easy to use and permit us a broader range of customized solutions, which are the bulk of our business."

BCM Controls will offer DynaPel's CloseView Intelligent Video Surveillance Tracking and Detection System as the solution for 24-hour monitoring with unattended operation. When there is motion detected in the field of view, the CloseView System automatically directs the PTZ camera to zoom in on the activity. An alarm output is then triggered to activate recording to a DVR for review and action. The CloseView System is well suited for use in parking lots, warehouses or anywhere that license plate recognition is required, as well as high security facilities.

For camera installations on bridges and other locations where a camera might shake or move, BCM Controls incorporates DynaPel's SteadyEye Real Time Video Stabilizer. Featuring intelligent software that eliminates shaking on left-right, up-down, rotation and zoom images, the device can be used between any standard analog camera and downstream devices such as recorders, multiplexers or transmission systems.

Completing the package, DynaPel provides BCM Controls with marketing materials, technical information and training to support them in the field. "DynaPel's team has been very responsive and excelled in providing support," said Feinberg.

"The DynaPel products are designed to be compact so they fit in even the tightest installations, or in a standard rack," added Feinberg. "They are easy to program and set up, and the units can also be deployed in a network environment."

DynaPel is online at www.dynapel.com.

BCM Controls is online at www.bcmcontrols.com.