Blancco Prov V4.6 Expedites Eradication of Large Volumes of Data in Data

Atlanta, GA and Joensuu, FINLAND - July 24, 2006 - Blancco Ltd. the leading provider of professional data destruction solutions, has today released the latest version of its advanced sanitizing software. The new technology implemented in Blancco - Pro V4.6 gives users the ability to simultaneously erase tens or even hundreds of hard drives in server machines practically as fast as a single drive. This results in an outstanding overwriting speed of 1 terabyte of data in only 15 minutes with a single overwrite pass.

"The prevailing practice of storing away, physically destroying, or simply sending away out-of-duty servers or hard drives is a catch-22 for IT managers and CFOs," says Kim Vaisanen, CEO of Blancco and continues, "Destroying the remarketing value of functional units flips this positive income to a liability. Yet compromising corporate data poses even greater economical risks."

"For us this new technology means we can mitigate the risk of data exposure for our customers, we can now do it much faster, and yet we don't undermine the remarketing value of our clients' equipment, says Steve Hyser, Director of IT Life Cycle Management of Canvas Systems, one of the leading asset disposal and recovery service providers for data centers. "We are embracing the Blancco solution to help our engineers perform data sanitization effectively and efficiently both off-site and on-site. Because of Blancco's flexibility, our clients now have the option to ensure that data is secured before equipment ever leaves their building."

Regulatory compliance demands secure disposal and audit trails The latest breakthrough in overwriting speed is displayed when erasing SCSI type hard drives which are usually found in server machines and mainframes. The new optimization technology sanitizes 150Mb of data per second, a giant leap forward compared to the previous sanitizing speed of 10Mb per second. RAID configurations pose another practical security challenge as complex hardware configurations must be dismantled for complete data erasure. Blancco's solution overcomes this challenge by dismantling the hardware configurations through software. This direct access to each hard drive allows Blancco's software to perform a faster and complete erasure.

The new version's extensive hardware support combined with comprehensive and detailed logging and reporting closes the loop for audits, making the solution ideally positioned for IT asset recovery in data center use.

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