Westec Introduces New iVR Intelligent Digital Video Recorders

Westec InterActive, the leader in video-based business intelligence solutions, today announced its new family of iVR intelligent video recorders, which deliver breakthrough digital video surveillance performance based on advanced technologies that digitally capture and archive audio and video.

Among the iVR's key stand-out features are the flexible recording options, the online account management system, and the enterprisewide device management capabilities. Available now, Westec's iVR is available in three models: iVR3000; iVR6000; and iVR9000. Each model is designed to fit the needs of every industry including commercial businesses, industrial facilities, housing developments and government municipalities.

"Building on Westec's position as the leader in video-based business intelligence solutions and the pioneer of interactive security, we are pleased to announce the next generation of digital video surveillance products for all types of intelligent business monitoring," said Mitch Johnson, president of Westec InterActive. "These products are taking digital video recording to new heights. The new Westec iVR delivers unprecedented flexibility and functionality in all types of intelligent business monitoring including security, operations, marketing and other business functions."

The Westec iVR series gives a variety of recording options, from 24-hour recording to recording only when a predefined event occurs. Events can include camera motion detection, HVAC abnormalities, or other inputs that can be set to trigger recording, such as alarm inputs.

Advanced features are available to expand the iVR's capabilities to include voice prompting, no false-alarms engine, full integration with POS, ATM, Access Control and more.

Westec offers Web-based management of the iVR as well as dynamic IP addresses, eliminating the need for a static IP address and offering support for every type of connectivity including dial up, cable, DSL and more.

Designed for either live or unsupervised remote operation, Westec's iVR provides compressed, streaming video with adequate bandwidth so authorized company officials can remotely access any of their locations and watch video footage and review activity and exception reports from a password-protected Web interface, virtually anywhere they have Internet access. This technology gives corporate managers the ability to monitor and manage data from a single remote location.

Westec's advanced network management platform introduces the concept of digital video recorders as manageable devices. For the first time, customers can rest assured that their remote digital recorders are operating correctly 24 hours a day.

The iVR allows constant communication between Westec's Central Command Centers (c3) and every customer system installed on the network. With this type of capability, the remote digital recorder is no longer an isolated island of information but part of an enterprisewide robust video and data network providing invaluable information for security, marketing and operations functions.

Techs & Specs

Westec's family of iVRs is now available. They offer 7.5 ips to 30 ips per video channel with audio integration for two to 16 channels. Built around Westec InterActive's server client and Web interface, the iVR family provides user-friendly, secure digital recording solutions with months of audio and video archival capacities. The top-of-the-line iVR9000 uses MPEGA and MJPEG compression technology for high-quality video viewing and recording with minimal network bandwidth requirements, and it offers expansion for 16 audio voice down zones.

Westec Interactive is online at www.westecnow.com.