Light Brigade Releases Interactive DVD on Fiber Optic Splicing

The Light Brigade announces its new menu-based DVD titled Fiber Optic Splicing, the sixth release in the company's new Staff Development series.

The DVD covers PAS, LID and fixed V-groove fusion splicers for ribbon, FTTH and premise applications. Also discussed are the various types and applications for mechanical splicing, such as access for testing fibers and cables, emergency restorations and premises applications.

The professionally-filmed lab and field footage and detailed graphics make this an essential tool for today's splicer.  It is structured into user-selectable chapters that allow for easy viewing of specific topics applicable to the viewer's needs. The DVD also features student and instructor quizzes.

Chapters include splicing applications, fiber preparation and cleaving as well as the techniques and theory involved in fusion and mechanical splices. The DVD also examines splicing in the outside plant and the issues involved in the splicing of multimode and specialty fibers.

Other highlights include:

  • The correct methods of preparing, cleaving, splicing and protecting optical fibers and how to obtain optimum splice quality
  • Splicing applications including outside plant, inline, pigtail, emergency restorations and FTTH
  • Fiber preparation for single strand and ribbon fibers from stripping the coating through the cleaning process
  • Fusion splicing methods such as manual, LID, PAS and ribbon splicing
  • Mechanical splicing and its applications
  • Splicing in outside plant applications
  • Multimode and specialty splicing

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