Crime Profile: An Almost-Inside Bank Robbery

Robber believed to have used relationship with teller for details on how to rob bank

"Gonzalez made several visits to the branch during the months preceding the robbery in order to conduct surveillance on the armored-car deliveries," wrote FBI agent Robert Rice of the Boston Violent Crimes Task Force in the affidavit. "On March 17, 2005, . . . an armored-car delivery was made while Gonzalez was at the teller counter, which allowed him to watch the entire delivery process, including the tellers counting the cash."

Cosme also told agents that Gonzalez was dating a 20-year-old clerk at a Sprint store in Lawrence while living with another woman, the mother of his 7-month-old son, records show.

The clerk, Paola Franco, told agents that on the night of the bank robbery an unknown man tapped on the store window and gave her $500 in $20 bills, which Gonzalez had promised to cover her rent. She gave the agents the numbers of two "secret telephones" she set up using an alias so that Gonzalez could use them without being tracked.

The only one of the three women who didn't say much was Yarilis Santiago, the mother of Gonzalez's son, records show.

Several weeks before the robbery, Gonzalez told her "something big" was going to happen and that he would take her to Puerto Rico, she told agents. On Feb. 2, Gonzalez called and told her to take a bus and meet him in New York City only to call her back and cancel the trip, saying the FBI was looking for him, records show.

"It's all lies," Gonzalez said in jail. "It's what the FBI tells them to make them talk."

Gonzalez is being held without bail in the Orange County Jail pending his return to Massachusetts to face federal bank-robbery charges.

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