ICTS to Provide Security Consulting Services for Netherland Transit Operator

AMSTELVEEN, Netherlands - ICTS International N.V., a leading provider of advanced security services, reported today that on June 27, 2006, it's wholly owned subsidiary, I-SEC Homeland Security B.V., (I-SEC HLS), a subsidiary of ICTS International N.V., signed an agreement with Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram (RET), a major mass transit operator providing services in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands and its surrounding areas. Within the framework of the agreement, I-SEC HLS will provide RET with security consulting services aimed at further enhancing the organization's level of security and its preparedness to deal with increased threats of terror attacks directed at the mass transit industry in general.

I-SEC HLS was previously contracted by RET to conduct a comprehensive security survey of the organization, the results of which demonstrated that RET was well prepared to deal with a variety of safety-related emergencies. In view of the new phenomenon of security threats in the form of terror attacks, RET has now decided to procure security consulting services from I-SEC HLS to further enhance its level of security and preparedness to deal specifically with terror incidents, in order to provide its clients and employees with a high level of security, alongside efficient and reliable transportation services.

One of the main components of the consulting services to be provided by I-SEC HLS comprises the development and implementation of security courses for RET security staff, frontline employees and management. Other components include the performance of a risk assessment at the company's sites and facilities and the development of security procedures for specific terror-related incidents. The services included covered by the agreement will be supplied to RET during the years 2006 and 2007.